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The White Company's Sleep cushion

Today I'm taking a breather from my regular blogging routine of late at Phoenix & Fox to come here and talk cushions.

The White Company is a British home accessories brand that, like many a home lover, I'm fully aware of but I confess I have never purchased any of their items. I think I've overlooked them because their range is mainly white (the clue is in the name!) and if you know me well enough by now, I generally gravitate toward shots of solid colour, rather than opting for the pale, minimalist look.

I love my bedlinen to be cosy, squashy with a good feather duvet and plenty laden with throws and cushions and because I'm in the process of redecorating my bedroom (that grey wall is staying), I'm currently on the look out for some top quality natural linen sheets. Coloured or plain white, I'm undecided but it was with impeccable timing that The White Company asked if they could send me one of their linen cushions; I jumped on the opportunity to see, feel and experience their products for myself.

They sent me their stylish 'Sleep' monogrammed version of their lovely pure linen scatter cushion.  With 'Dream' and 'Love' monogrammed options available too, the linen is really fine quality, smooth and delicate feeling.  I've a bit of a penchant for personalisation and it's smart classy look and I think it would be nice to go a stage further with these cushions and perhaps have the monogramming in a contrasting coloured thread - dark grey or midnight blue would be beautiful, don't you think ?

So here I've styled it on the bed of course. I love the contrast of the crisp pale linen against the black reflective sequin cushion. May be white linen bed linen is the way forward for my newly decorated bedroom.

Here's another option, looking just as good on my bedroom chair:


At £22, The Sleep cushion is really good value, it is 100% linen and according to the label instructions, is machine washable. Although I've not tried it so cannot confirm how it performs.

The other thing worth mentioning is that The White Company do packaging very well.  Their parcels are really smart, their black and white branding carried through to the tissue paper, labels and grosgrain ribbon packaging.  It's that added bonus for a great shopping experience and perfect for a gift.

Dimensions - L50cm x W30cm
Available on The White Company Website here
You can read more about their brand, values and history here


Creating a collection to be proud of

Having a first stab at creating a collection is exciting yet nervy stuff.  It's a bit like dipping your toes into a freshly run bath, you know that it's probably going to be a bit uncomfortable at first, but when fully immersed, the experience is going to be throughly enjoyable and rewarding.

You can read more about the process Kelly and I have worked through here.


Creating your own canvas art

It can be a bit of a challenge, finding great artwork that doesn't break the bank.  I had a go at creating my own a couple of weeks ago and although I'm no Picasso, was pretty happy with the result.  Come over and have a read...



Love is in the air

I received this really sweet message in my inbox this morning from Mr. L. 

Plus, it is such a great shot, I wanted to share it with you all on this romantic day.


Happy Valentines Day x