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Meeting Erin in NYC (in pictures and a few words)

Having recovered from last weekend's plague (although I've not quite got over the disappointment of missing out on Glamping), it's time for me to share some more photographs of our NYC trip and in particular of the day Erin and I attempted our very own version of SATC style sashaying around the city.  It will come as no surprise to you all that our time together was mostly spent 1) Chatting, 2) Eating & Drinking 3) Wish Shopping.

So we met on a crossing on Spring Street, cooed at each other and hugged for a bit then walked into Soho.  Then after at least 30 minutes, a bout of indecision in Greenwich Village and a hilarious ice-breaking moment with topping-up Erin's travel card where I couldn't work the subway machine and it refused to take any money lower than $20 or dish out any change, we stepped out on 5th Avenue and into Bergdorf Goodman.

Now at this point, our lack of SATC credibility and seriously deep wallets as well as our non-celebrity status hit us hard.  NEVER I repeat NEVER go in this store unless you are rich or famous, otherwise you'll be subjected to a Pretty Woman moment and be kicked out just with a 'look'.  This did not stop Erin and I stroking the Louboutin's and Manolo's in the shoe emporium, or eyeing up this tote she wrote about.  The guy behind the counter made some smart quip about us buying one then he'd take us out for lunch.

So we promptly left the store and made our way to a more welcoming establishment and Victorian watering hole, Erin's favourite Lillies.  Erin supped on the Belgian Peach beer and I a house vodka cocktail or two.  The plate of nachos ordered was the size of our two heads put together.  Erin even telephoned boyfriend at this point which I'm certain was to put his mind at rest that his wonderful girlfriend hadn't met up with some internet whack job.

 Feeling a bit tipsy and warm (it was the 90+ degree temperature, honest), I was dying to visit ABC Home and Carpet and going with lovely Erin was the perfect excuse.

With 6 floors of interiors stuff in a wide range of styles and tastes set in a rough-and-ready loft style space, there was no floor that disappointed.  The piled high products in this place are VERY expensive with some one off vintage finds among the designer gear making it a particularly attractive, 3 dimensional store. 

We got talking to a guy in the rug department and he confirmed they had been here since the early 70's and still going strong, so they definitely have the best fix on who their clientele is.

Tom Dixon lighting

 I was particularly attracted to the beautiful Venetian Glass.  I can't remember the exact figure since I couldn't take it seriously, but I think this mirror was up for almost $10K.

The rugs were just as beautiful, in some rich stunning colours that I'd never seen before.  Just look at the size of this one - 7 men to carry 1 rug!  You get some idea of the size of the store too in this image.

I wanted to take this artwork home with me:

Spot the local lass in this gorgeous antique glass:


Sumptuous, glorious bedding that I couldn't help but stroke:

And fruit crates from blighty.  And that's the thing, they had a boutique dedicated to British products and an area that stocked industrial furniture. Many of these products you can purchase at a snip of a price at Antiques and Collectables Fairs such as Newark and Sunbury.  I guess you could say that ABC Home feels a little bit like our Liberty in London, but on a much larger scale.

After chatting to the sales guy in the Brit Style emporium we took our leave, empty handed and taxied back to our hotel. We popped up to the 31st floor to show Erin the dual aspect view of Uptown Manhattan from our room and while there we picked up Mr.L and Barney too.

Sadly time was running away with us so we finished the day with a dinner at our local Italian restaurant.  We got ourselves a great little table on the sunny sidewalk (simple pleasures to those of us used to indoor dining and sheltering from rain and cool conditions).  So after a supper of fish and pasta, a couple of beers and some reminiscing of the day, as well as a photo opportunity and some artwork for our friend Annie, we had to say goodbye to Erin. 

Off she went into the distance, turning briefly to wave good bye once again, and that's it, she was gone.

The day could not have been more perfect.  Thanks lovely Erin x


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Reader Comments (6)

Good lord, I'm either an emotional mess or you are just the sweetest thing in the universe! I may have gotten a little (okay, a LOT) misty eyed reading this post. I especially loved: "cooed at each other and hugged for a bit then walked into Soho." So sweet! I had such an amazing day with you, and it just wasn't long enough. We needed a weekend to ourselves! And maybe some millionaire to fund us to go shopping the way we would hve liked, haha. You recounted the day better than I did and in much more brilliant detail. That photo of the men carrying that rug cracks me up so much. Remember the loud thud it made when the dropped it in the corner? You didn't mention all the salesmen who chatted you up! First the rug guy and then the guy in that English-themed room. People were totally charmed by you, and I was no exception!! You are a delight and it felt like meeting an old friend for a day. It was a really incredible day and I was so sad to leave and get back on the bus to go home. Thank you so much for meeting me and hanging out and for being so darling. And I'm sorry about that whole Metrocard fiasco! :)

Also, I'm still full from those nachos. Why were they so big?? xoxoxoxoxo

September 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterErin

Awwww! I had no idea you'd been poorly AND had to miss out on glamping,. What a shame! Glad to hear you're feeling better.

"It will come as no surprise to you all that our time together was mostly spent 1) Chatting, 2) Eating & Drinking 3) Wish Shopping."
But of course! :D
When in NYC and all that.

It's such fun to stroke things you can't afford while The Staff scowl and/or twitch nervously, isn't it?
What a great day you had! I'm so looking forward to the day we can make it a six-some (for want of a better word!) and have another transatlantic meet-up.

P.S Love the artwork, too, by the way - classic with a brilliant twist. :)

September 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChi @ 106

so beautiful!! sounds like a wonderful day.
i may be a tad jealous of all these amazing, beautiful bloggers meeting up.
much love xx

September 16, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterleah of sang the bird

Awesome sauce!
That photo of the guys with the rug is hilarious! so funny.
Your photos are great, especially the one for me,obvs, that makes me very happy! Please can I have a high resolution one?
Love that photo of Erin in the antiqued mirror.
Ah bless, my heart feels all happy xx

September 17, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterannie

I can't think of a more perfect day - New York, {window} shopping, yummy food, and libations. Cheers to new friendships. You two did us proud, and delivered a great post so we could all relive it with you. The Tom Dixon lighting is incredible. Well, what am I saying, everything in ABC Carpet & Home is incredible. I imagine a little piece of heaven for both of you. Glad you two had a fabulous time!

September 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTheresa

Can't believe you went in to ABC 'tipsy' I had a hard enough time not buying things that were way out of my price range stone cold sober!

Such a lovely story of you and Erin meeting and the photo of you both together is gorgeous :) x

September 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKelly

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