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Doing Luxe at The Trump Soho NYC

We had an absolutely wonderful time in NYC last week and I admit I'm quite sad to be home. There's so much to tell, some of which you've probably seen already here, so I'll do my best to post some of the highlights.

I love the anticipation of arriving at my destination airport a bit tired and dishevelled, waiting in a taxi queue 40 minutes long but with thoughts of what the hotel is going to be like and with the hope that I won't be disappointed in the room decor and size and of course the service.

At first glance, this 46 storey luxury hotel and condominium is quite simple and unobtrusive, nothing like the glaring gold panelled structures that are synonymous with Trump.  It's in a great location, right in the villagey feeling Soho where there's plenty of great restaurants, interesting looking people and quality shopping.  It seems more aimed at the business traveller - no frills, but it's ace at luxury, comfort and efficiency. 

The foyer exhudes relaxation and luxury - an atrium of reflective marble floors and walls, bronze and hard wood surfaces, sculptural lighting, punctuated with trickling waterfalls, pale pink hydrangeas and orchids and heavy grey silk & wool rugs.  The air conditioning was so harsh though, far too extreme for the humid climate out on the sidewalk.

It's reported that Ivanka Trump, Donald's entrepreneurial daughter was heavily involved in the design and decor of the hotel and I think this is reflected in the small details and finishes such as decent flowers, tactile fabrics and statement ornaments.

The boxiness of the metallic leather and velvet furnture and bronze and iron accessories is juxstaposed by the huge double height pillars stretching up through the atrium.

Yep, the hydrangeas are real.

I was particularly impressed by the imaginative use of hard wood and marble cladding, smooth surfaces but cut and displayed to make a textured, angular look that was further showcased by the focal lighting.  The only flat surfaces were those clad in bronze, such as the lifts and hotel signage.

We didn't spend too much time here, opting to venture out instead of trying out the many amenities the Trump has to offer, although we did have a cocktail or two in the smart open air bar, situated on the 7th floor pool (tiny) deck and I was thoroughly pampered with a luxury manicure in their elegant award winning spa.  I came out armed with beautiful shimmering black finger nails, a must-have cuticle cream and a much lighter wallet.


The cost to stay here was affordable for NYC accommodation, but Mr. L always likes the challenge of searching for a last minute deal.  Given the amenities, I think we probably got a good one.  However, with NYC you have to be prepared for the additional city and occupancy taxes and of course the not so discretionary service tips at every turn.  But with the impeccable service we got from all the staff at The Trump Soho, it wasn't a problem giving, in fact it was a pleasure and actually seemed like great value to do so.

What's your experience of NYC hotels?

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Reader Comments (6)

Returning from a luxurious hotel in a super location is always followed by a brief period of mourning, isn't it?

Kudos to Trump for letting his daughter temper his tendency for the tacky and the grossly overstated. She's done a wonderfully subtle job pairing a masculine sensibility a with feminine one.

It was so good to read about your adventures in NYC with Erin and to see the photo of the two of you together! Please tell me there are more details/photos to come! :D

P.S. I've never stayed in an NYC hotel - I live in hope. :)

September 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChi @ 106

Looks lovely! I've never been there. I've had mixed experiences. The less expensive hotels (which are still higher than anywhere else in the country) are worn and tired. The nice hotels are so pricey! I usually splurge but I have to save up. I love The Plaza and I stay at the W too. The rooms at the W are tiny, but it's clean and good food with good locations. I just prepare myself to spend some cash when I'm there. Everything costs more! Sounds like you had a grand time. I just read Erin's post. So great you two met up! Teri

September 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTeri

Yay you did get a manicure after all! Your hotel was so posh and sleek. Sorry I scooped you on the details of our day out together! But you do have more photos of us from dinner and a ton of photos from ABC Home if I remember correctly. Such a wonderful trip and I'm happy to have spent a small portion of it with you. xo

September 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterErin

Well, this hotel is a nice surprise. As soon as you mentioned Trump, I must admit I was expecting gold everything. He made a wise decision in letting Ivanka take the designer reigns. This hotel looks really posh and tasteful. The icing is that you received stellar service; So nice! Even though as a general rule we don't spend that much time in the hotel when traveling, it's still beneficial to stay at a hotel that gives you that good vibe.
I loved reading Erin's post on the two of you meeting and spending the day together. Hope there's more to come from your fabulous trip!

September 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTheresa

I just saw an interview with Ivanka on the morning news because there's a spread on her apartment in (?) Elle Decor (totally guessing!). Having seen *that* I'm not at all surprised that this hotel is so stunning. I lovelovelove gorgeous hotels. What makes staying in them so appealing? It looks like you have a wonderful time, and the lovely service had to help! Next time, I'll pop up there to meet you. We're getting train service from my hometown to all points north, so it should be an easy trip. What did your boy think?

September 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLauren

omg those hydrangea!!! with the palm fronds against the dark background. Love it!
When I went to nYC with my ex he loved DT so much (it's when the US apprentice had just started) he made me go to Trump Towers every single day. I have so many photos of us there. He wouldn't let me go to the Chrysler though. Probably not much of a surprise we didn't make it ;)

September 9, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterannie

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