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Five Finds : Recycled Lighting

Over the past couple of days weeks, I've been trawling the net and piles of magazines and brochures looking for suitable lighting solutions for my latest project. It's a huge open plan living/kitchen/dining space that is a bit daunting initially, but I know that as long as I incorporate all types of lights and cram in plenty, all flexible at the tweak of a dimmer switch, it will work out fine.

I always seem to gravitate towards massive, wow inducing, twinkly glass chandeliers - they are my personal preference but I'm not designing for me this time around and I appreciate they are not to everybody's taste or style. A more androgynous solution like a fabulous drum pendant shade in the deepest dark silk or velvet fabric can be just as beautiful.

There's another trend that's getting quite a lot of attention at the moment - affordable lights that use recycled materials such as plastic, paper and cardboard. I saw some great versions of this at Designjunction from designer Tabitha Bargh, she had both cardboard and corrugated plastic versions of her shade designs.

Such a cool and innovative way to reuse and upcycle the things that are thrown away daily in such crude volumes. Their success lies in the fact that they look just as effective lit as unlit, plus I've selected these five designs because at first glance it's not blindingly obvious what they are made of, only on closer inspection do they reveal themselves.  Genius!

And my favourite? It has to be number two.  What's yours?

One, three & five - Allison Patrick , zipper8lighting
Two - Tabitha Bargh
Four - Sarah Turner


p.s. For design that's dedicated to saving the world, Inhabitat is worth a visit.


My Monday with.... inspiration cooperative

Oooops, I very nearly forgot to tell you that I'm guest posting over at lovely Theresa's place today.  She's encouraged me to take part in her My Monday with.... series.

Please, I urge you to pop on over and have a read, but more importantly have a peruse through Theresa's truly inspirational blog and book mark it for future posts.

Thanks Theresa for having me, I had a ball compiling, editing and re-editing my selection :-)



Inspirational tear sheets

I'm not one for de-facing magazines by pulling out adverts and such, but some projects just call for it.  So, I took some recent advice and ripped out some layouts and images that were sort of 'speaking' to me, in order to find a common thread amongst them.

The sheets combined evoke feelings of Autumn, at least the colour theme does.  However, I sense the party season approaching as there's dressing up, glamour, sophistication but also a tinge of nurture and well-being thrown in there too.

And just as you are in the flow, an image that really represents it all, is presented to you.


Corinthia Hotel, London

I hope you are having a great week everyone. I'm hoping to be back here Friday, but that depends on how much time I have to spare outside of the residential project I'm currently working on.

Sam x



Pattern obsession

I've been head long in coursework contracts (eugh) all week with very little spare time to get some creative juices flowing again.  But thankfully a little online retail therapy this lunchtime caused me to fall upon something really worthy of a mention.  Funnily enough, it features a print.  I apologise now, but just can't get enough of them at the moment.

Check out this refreshing and innovative fusion of animal skin and paisleyesque persian pattern from Young & Battaglia.

Rockett St George

With cow hide such interiors hot property at the mo, it's wonderful to see a clever and playful reinvention of it.  The colours and print on this rug are subtle enough to fit into any style of interior. What do you think then - crass or class?

This British design duo create lots of other lovely interiors gems, check them out here.

Happy weekend folks, what are you getting up to?  With a bit of chill out 'me' time, I hope to be able to get into a more regular posting routine next week x