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Chin chin

The huge trend for all things retro and kitsch has me in a vice-like grip at the moment.  I'm feeling quite nostalgic and anything that rocks the 70's vibe, brings about fond memories of fun times, carefree Summer play days, and a simple yet functional childhood home.

It's a brave move and I've probably gone a bit soft but let's share my first school photograph. Chalk ridden blackboards, wonky fringes, patterned acrylic jumpers, pointy collars, white knee high socks and sandals, oh joy!  But can you spot me?

Any way, I digress... back to retro and kitsch.  Since Christmas, I've been searching hard for a hostess come drinks trolley. I'm so very excited about this project, it needs to tick a couple of boxes; it must be glamorous and shiny but it can have some colour too.  Ebay (yes, ebay again) has some great examples but they've either been on sale too far from where I live or I've bid unsuccessfully.  They are hot property at the moment, everyone wants to get their hands on one. It would be marvelous to bag an original brass pineapple ice bucket to go with it but ebay bids on these novelty items are reaching double figures, it's cut throat stuff.

Here's a run down of the type of drinks trollies on my wishlist:

And if you prefer a little less bling, how about this G Plan trolley? Complete with aforementioned pineapple:

Cocktail anyone?