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The inky journey has begun

It was very quiet in our household this weekend.  I dropped hubby up to Heathrow for his flight to Chicago and with the boys at their fathers, it was the perfect opportunity to get the paint brush out and continue on my quest for a more dark, mysterious and interesting home.

I'd purchased the 5 litre tin of Farrow & Ball Studio Green nearly two weeks ago but it only just arrived at my local Kent Blaxill on Thursday.  I live in a semi-rural town in Essex, so more or less everything you purchase interiors wise that's not so 'run of the mill' has to be ordered in and there's always some delay.  But I've got another possible theory, the guy at Blaxill's just stared at me blankly when I requested the paint colour, I'm not sure there's much demand for Studio Green estate emulsion and therefore it became a special request, not to Blaxill's head office but straight to the top, to Farrow & Ball's.

So, for those that read my blog, I've been banging on about completing this Abigail Ahern inspired endeavour for absolutely ages now.  I have to admit that after the first few slaps of paint were applied, I wondered why I'd started, given that it was going to take at least two coats and at least quadruple that amount if I hated it and wanted to paint it back.

It will take at least another weekend to finish the entire room, but I'm pleased to report that even at this crude stage, it's looking pretty fabulous.  And with my love of all things shiny, my reflective accessories and also the furniture, really 'ping' against the dark background. Everything just stands out and looks cleaner and brighter.  I reckon that's a bonus, me and the furniture polish may not be reacquainted for some time.

Then my mum came over on Sunday and after a couple of minutes of viewing and contemplation, all she said was "you're brave".

Well, it's only paint.




Interior Design Revolution a la Abigail Ahern

If your interior style aspirations are anything like mine, you'll be a bit tired of the neat, uniform, neutral and symmetrical interiors you so often see.  I like to call these 'traditional' interior designs and now that we have become a nation with a desire or even a need to re-use existing furniture in colourful new ways or to upcycle other peoples pre-loved and unwanted sofas, tables, chairs and accessories, these conventional design schemes look even more contrived, staid and forced, and dare I say it - the two B's - bland and boring!

I'm always searching, online mostly, for interiors that look a whole load different. They are revolutionary and the complete opposite to those above - dishevelled, individual, colourful, fun, atmospheric, punchy, surprising, stimulating and are successful because they break the 'traditional' interior design rules and they mix the old with the new with such ease and effervescence.

Interior designer, retailer, writer and blogger, Abigail Ahern is one lady I absolutely admire - she repels interior design conformity on all levels.

Yesterday, I had the absolute honour of being part of a group of eight lovely ladies as we joined Abigail for her Christmas Masterclass held in her home. It was fantastic to meet her in real life and to see her beautiful home in all its glory along with G, Mungo and Maud of course.  The Masterclass covered all the cool things I've come to expect as a follower of Abigails blog - festive interiors and entertaining, working with dark colour schemes, placing quirky furniture and accessories, playing with textures, scale and embellishments and of course that magic word 'layering'.

Abigail's Christmas Masterclasses are now finished for the year, but she is running them again next year.  I strongly urge you to get your name down on one, you'll not be disappointed.  For more information and to book a place, contact +44 207 354 8181 or

A big thank you to Abigail for having us.

Mulled wine, mince pies and great conversation in Abigail's fabulous pad


Images courtesy of Abigail Ahern