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May Daouk’s Beirut Villa

This post is a brief respite from the Moroccan themed posts this week, mainly because I've not collected my thoughts on what I shall write next about that subject and because it's interior design study Wednesday and I should be focusing on getting my coursework progressed.  I'm sorry to all those ladies that might be a little disappointed, but you'll just have to wait.

But, as my mind is still in travelling mode, I could not help but be struck by this lovely interior I fell upon on the Architectural Digest website this morning.  May Daouk's Beirut home is filled with lots of colourful stuff from her travels and inspired by her past, growing up in Beirut, moving on eventually to NY and then back again.  She has successfully mixed old with new, period and contemporary and what a beautiful property to be able to display it all in.  She has an interesting story to tell about how she has become a successful interior designer and the journey she took to get there. 

She sounds like a fascinating lady and I'd love to own this interior.

You can read the article here.