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Views of Fez

It's a crazy, hectic week for me this week, there's lots of disruption (welcome though I might add) with the boys on school/college holidays and my 7 year old twin nieces are over today.  I've also been filling my spare time with plan drawings for my KLC coursework and a date night (dinner and cinema) with hubby before he goes off to LA tomorrow too.


So no more posts from me until Monday, but I wanted to leave you with my favourite photos from our trip to Fez.  I can't believe it's nearly two weeks ago since we set off for this amazing country, how time flies.

Check out the ornate architecture of the Palais, the wood and plaster carvings and mosaic surfaces.  Plus the Tannery vats and the man working the leather skins into handbag handles, plus a couple of images from the food market. 

Have a great week x