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Family bathroom project : metallics and monochrome

Today's the longest day of the year.  Can you believe that?  As the years progress, I'm ever more amazed how quickly time flies and I'm concscious how it's important to try and enjoy every moment.

I'm feeling under pressure this week, I have a few plates spinning and keeping them all upright is proving a bit of a challenge, although I wonder how much of this feeling is my perception of things rather than the reality?  Feeling under pressure, a bit frazzled and feeling tired all go hand in hand and result in a skewed view on things.

So as a bit of light relief, I want to share my concept for the renovation of our main bathroom.  I need to satisfy my craving for shiny metallics and at the same time would like a simple, retro feeling scheme. I've been busy sourcing black and white brick tiles and finding copper ones also, to add a bit of a contrast and interest. Rather annoyingly, I'm having problems finding brick shaped floor tiles, there's plenty for walls, so if you know of any suppliers, I'm all ears and I'd be very grateful :-)

Using copper in a bathroom is somewhat unconventional, I don't have the cash to splash on one of those lovely luxury copper roll-top freestanding baths, so I'm going to have to be a bit creative with it.

So to demonstrate where I'm coming from I went around the house and picked up all the items that seemed to influence this scheme in a bid to describe to you visually where my mind is:

I hadn't realised just how many circular items I had instinctively selected for this collage.

I suppose it's more about the colours, the feel, the textures that I'm working towards, rather than sticking to the shapes you see here.

I know you might say that the monochrome look has been done to death, but I love bold statement it brings.  This is a bathroom that the boys will use, so I think it needs some masculinity but I will have to shoehorn some glamour and ambience into it, so reflective surfaces tick the box.  I'm planning to turn a scheme you see all the time in interiors magazines on its head, with some quirky accents in the accessories and lighting.

Do tell me, what do you think?  Have you any thoughts on what might enhance this scheme?