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Pic & Palette : Fresh mint

There's been quite a bit of discussion in the blogsphere about the mint green trend recently and it's presence in lifestyle, fashion and food.  We've seen collages packed full of minty sweet treats, clothing, home wares, jewellery to name just a few of the most popular items:

Macaroons * Jeans * Mixer * Nail polish * Lip balm * Belt * Bike

I think too much of one colour is not a good thing, especially when it comes to sickly sweet, candy floss hues.  So I did some research and found three fabulous statement interiors that chuck in some contrasting and complimentary colour to tone the mint down and create a much more interesting dimension and story.

Mint & Marine Blue * Mint & Black * Mint & Orange


First up, it's Mint and Marine Blue - bright, fresh, clean and contemporary

The bluey shade of mint is on the cool side, but throw in some deep complimentary marine blue and you get a much more interesting and enveloping interior.  The warm wood work station helps cosy things up too. 

Mint and Black - chic, warm and traditional

Mix some slender black furniture and delicate reflective accessories with warm mint walls and you create a scheme that befits a sassy, upmarket Art Deco Parisian cafe.  Think posh cake and patisserie maker Laduree although his interior above has a more pared down, contemporary feel to it.

Mint and Orange - embracing the 60's retro vibe

I had trouble sourcing an image for this look.  Having watched the popular US drama Pan Am on BBC2 recently and seeing trolley dollies Maggie and Laura's gorgeous apartment which blends warm woods with mint, baby blues, burnt oranges and rosy pink hues. Unfortunately I was unable to find a photograph of it online.  In this image above, I love the relationship between the pretty warm mint and russet orange tones, its comforting and really rocks the senses.  If you get a chance to see the Pam Am series, you must view it for the glamorous interiors and cinematic look, even if the jet set storyline isn't your thing.

If I had to pick a favourite that I could live with, it would be the Mint/Marine Blue colour scheme. Do you have a favourite mint combo ?