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A year on

I'm sitting here in my snug this morning, feeling a bit bored to be honest.  I've just finished my weekly meeting and tea drinking with the book keeper and now I'm doing a combination of nail picking, Radio 1 listening, video content uploading, customer emailing and tweet reading.  It's not possible to do those things brilliantly and in unison, I'm forever telling (sorry, encouraging) my hubby to just focus on doing one thing at a time, as too much constant plate spinning leads to frustration, discontent and noncompletion.  Well, it does for me anyway.

But, something has helped me focus...

Having commented on Annie from Insideology's latest blog post this morning, I then led on (via various steps that I cannot for the life of me remember now) to Erin at like/want/need's, and read that she has just celebrated her blog's 1st birthday.

And then it struck me, a light bulb moment - when did I start my blog?  A quick click back through to my site later, and there was the answer... 7th February 2011.

Remembering key, personal dates such as birthdays and anniversaries has never been my strong point.  At least, those for family and close friends are always fixed in the mind, but anything outside of that, I'm absolutely useless, so it's no surprise that I forgot my Bright Space's birthday.

A year on, and reflecting on the first post and the words written, my blog now has more of an identity and a load more of my personality and style. Since my New Year's resolution was to write more, I've certainly achieved that so far, the content ideas are more free-flowing and I'm really enjoying the experience.  On the days when I wake up and struggle for something interesting, useful and unique to say, then to hell with writing, I don't think the blog police are going to haul me in and lock me up (do they exist?).

So, I shall say mucho thanks to all you lovely people that visit and particularly to my new found design friends that I've met through social media and KLC who give me lots of words of encouragement, you know who you are.

And here's to another year of happy blogging.

Forget pancakes, let's celebrate and eat cake