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Cornflowers, Bluebells and Hydrangeas

It's another grey day in the south east, and probably the rest of the country I'd imagine.  The weekend weather was as dismal as I'd predicted on Friday, but I never let that get in the way of a bit of therapeutic gardening and shopping.  With a few shards of sunshine here and there on Saturday, I went and dug out some weeds, attempted to prune some hedges, as that's a favourite of mine then on to the nice stuff - cutting some cornflowers and bluebells for the house.  There are flowers in the garden that I cannot see from the back door of the house, so for maximum enjoyment, I bring them indoors quick sharp. They are really delightful little flowers, the cornflower a gorgeous striking blue and the bluebells a more delicate pale blue, they smell pretty divine.  I think the next great technological mainstream invention should be smellovision so you can experience it too. Since that hasn't happened yet, you'll have to take my word for it.

I've bunged them in some disused jars and actually, on this topic, this is a hoarding weakness of mine. I've lots of jars in a deep drawer in the kitchen, too many according to husband, but I know at some point they will all come in handy for flowers, tealights, salad dressings and recepticals for outdoor social events.


I also bought a lovely potted hydrangea.  I have one in the garden already and it's really old but the flowers are pink and as you can see, this new plant has attractive bluey pink ones.  But will they stay this colour I ask?  The lady in the florist couldn't be certain and said that putting a rusty old nail in the pot would perhaps keep the colour but admitted that this could be an old wives tale. I really don't want to risk digging it into the ground and losing its allure.  Anyhow, I've plonked it in my old bucket for now and it sits proudly on my veranda alongside the Jasmine which incidentally also needs a decision made on where to plant it.  One for another weekend I fancy.


Hope you all had fun filled (and dry) weekends.  What did you get up to ?