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Memoirs of a weekend

This extended weekend of Jubilee celebrations was a lot of fun but I'm also pleased it's over with. I don't think I'm able to consume any more synthetic food and alcoholic beverages for a while, my stomach performed back flips when it found out it was getting porridge and fresh berries for breakfast this morning.

The sea of red, white and blue on the TV screens for the last 96 hours hasn't convinced me to try decorating the house in a patriotic scheme either, but there has been another colour combination to pique my interest - that's olive green and bubblegum pink. 

I stumbled across the combo while testing a colour pot and painting my nails, random!  Olive green seems like a bit of an overlooked colour for interiors but it makes for an interesting change from grey, for example.  I'm doing a re-decoration project for my friend Clare and we've put Farrow & Ball's Card Room Green on the walls in the living and dining room of her house, and it looks really smart - a little bit retro yet contemporary too.  We are mixing it with some brilliant white ceilings and woodwork which lifts the scheme and completing it with some statement glass lighting, retro teak furniture and black coated wire accessories.

Anyway, I digress... In a bid to mash things up, I like to hit upon and experiment with interesting colour contrasts and this bubblegum pink nail polish did just the trick.  A tad graceless perhaps?  Well, I literally gave an inner squeal of excitement as I put paintbrush to paper to reveal the result of the two colours together.  And actually, I've found that this is not such an unusual blend after all, I bought some bulbous Peonies at Columbia Road flower market on Sunday morning and their petals, leaves and stems are just a variation of this theme.


Oh, and because I'm unable to resist a little name dropping, Abi Ahern and her husband and pooches were down at the market and I also bumped into songster Will Young and his little terrier on the way back to the car too.  Everyone's doing the Columbia Road thing!

So what are your thoughts on this colour duo ?