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Pic & Palette : Let's Celebrate with a Cheeky Cocktail

I love experimenting with colour palettes, based on images I see in magazines, on the TV and online, so when I saw this yummy looking image of a fig champagne cocktail last night, I just had to combine its hues in varying proportions to see what I could come up with.

With my flamingo inspired palette from last month, and now this one I'm going to have to make this a regular feature, so watch this space.

I'm excited by how the warm colours on the left clash with the cooler colours on the right of the swatch, they kind of freshen things up, like cleansing the palette,  What do you think ?

Image credit - Soho Hotel, NY

Colours, from left to right:

 Gaga - Eico
Jaipur Pink, Oyster Lily - Paint & Paper Library
 Snow - Designers Guild
Palegeorgian - Paint & Paper Library