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Egg puns are banned

Happy Saturday! Spring has officially sprung here in the South East and we are celebrating it big time in the Voke/Lennie household.  Spring is my favourite season of the year - cool sunny mornings, aqua blue skies, bulbs and grass sprouting into life, birds crowing and the beginning of a new period of egg production.

Our three clever little ladies Betty, Daisy and Vanessa laid their first egg of the year yesterday, closely followed by another this morning.  I don't know which one of them laid, as they don't have any tell tale insignia but what I do know is that we will shortly remember just how delicious they are, so much better than shop bought eggs. Their bright yellow yolks will stand proud and pert in the pan and come July we shall have so many of the things, we will be passing them on to next door neighbours and family.

Chickens are great pets, yes they crap everywhere, scratch up freshly dug flowerbeds and peck at the heads of your plants but they are really friendly and have lots of character.  They eat all the nasty bugs in the garden too, my very own organic pest controllers.

I've been searching through our photo archives this morning for a photo or a film of the trio but the only one I can find is this snap taken last year. I think this is Vanessa, she is a bit more svelte than the other two.

When we got them a couple of years back we went all out and got ourselves one of those posh designer Eglu houses in the purple colourway (I dislike purple too) from Omlet, the ones that look like the fruity iMacs that were out in the late 90's.  The ladies seem pretty happy with it and haven't yet asked for an upgrade.  But having a quick scout around the internet this morning, there are some amazing new palatial designs around which you would expect to see in the sprawling back yard of some celebrity pads. -   Love the name of this company

So to celebrate and for the second time this week, the boys and I will be having pancakes for breakfast, yum.

Hooray for our 3 sassy birds and Happy Saturday.  Please tell me, what reminds you of Spring ?