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Highlights of my first Surface Design Show

I went down to Surface Design Show last week. It's the first time I've been to this event and I was really impressed with the variety of surfaces manufacturers had to offer the industry.  It's the same with all shows, it's not until you get there that you are reminded of how useful it is to see new and innovative products in the flesh.  This is especially true in this case as I don't view surfaces (the majority were hard) as particularly sexy and attractive, not like touchy feely products such as wallpaper and fabric.

It wasn't the busiest of shows and it had a chilled out vibe which only added to the enjoyment to be honest.  I also met up with my recently founded fond friend, KLC student and blogger, Mary-Ellen Paul of HOP Interiors, plus we both got to meet and sit down with interior designer and blogger Andrew Dunning of APD Interiors to chew his ear off about the interior design business.

I eventually left armed with a load more knowledge, some contacts, a bunch of brochures and samples, and these top three highlights of the show:

Mundy Veneer
I was particularly interested in this company and their products. Their vibrant variety of eco-friendly, natural veneers can be used for practically any application.  A very knowledgeable and approachable Alison Mundy, co-founder of the business, also mentioned that it has been recently specified for Kate Moss's dressing room.  Well, if it's good enough for her!

The Mundy Veneer stand


One of the first stands I visited was Corporion's. It was displaying a fantastic low coffee table with a white textured, glazed tile top.  I took a photograph, but due to my pretty useless skills in this department, it didn't come out very well, so I'm sorry I can't share it.  Corporion produce beautiful animal skin effect tiles in reflective finishes - rattlesnake, buffalo and ostrich to name a selection.  Basically, if you have a design or print you want to replicate in a hard surface, they can do it They have a lovely showroom in Battersea too, that features their bespoke furniture and accessories range and design service.

Buffalo effect tile in Copper


Corporion Showroom in Battersea

Eco-friendly and 100% natural, Cocomosaic tiles are made from coconut shell chips.  Handmade in Indonesia, they are tactile and exotic looking, durable and easy to apply and keep clean.  They can be used widely - from domestic bathrooms to commercial retail outlets, a refreshing change from regular tiles.  The contemporary, white patina finish looks just as attractive as the classic natural tile.  It's a product on my list of products to try out.  You can view samples of Cocomosaic at SCIN Gallery.