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It's all about the red, white and blue

How remiss would it be of me not to honour the Diamond Jubilee of our glorious sovereign Queen Elizabeth II today?  Yes, the blog universe and its mother have been posting all things jubilee for the last month at least, so to enter into the spirit of the occasion but stop shy of the jubilee memorabilia (or tat), I've curated "My British Favourites'. 

I hereby give you some 'must-haves', not just because they are pretty fabulous items but because each one is founded, designed and/or produced here in the UK by a bunch of British heros with a flair for design and entrepreneurialism.

Wallpaper * Bunting * Cushion * Clock * Heels

Cram the capital's most famous sites on one wall with this monochrome Londinium wallpaper by Graham & Brown.

Just a smidgen of tat here with this union jack bunting, courtesy of The Salcombe Trading Co.

After a belly full of Earl Grey tea and a plate of coronation chicken filled sandwiches with the crusts cut off, cuddle up on the sofa with this knitted cushion by the talented Joy Bates of Seven Gauge Studios.

Such a cool retro influenced alarm clock, and great value too, by Newgate.

These are probably a bit tall and trendy for Her Majesty, but I'd love to rock the jubilee sensation in these killer platform heels by cool shoemaker man, Rupert Sanderson.  Step aside and let me at them...


The official photograph of The Queen on her accession to the throne in February 1950 by Getty Images
How beautiful does she look ?

Have fun his weekend everyone, it's a four day national holiday here in the UK, so I shall be chilling out with family and friends and celebrating The Queen's anniversary on Monday by sipping on a Dubonnet cocktail with my pinky out. Congratulations Ma'am!

Sam Xx