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Sunny Music Video goes live!

How was your weekend? I hope you've been enjoying these last throes of Summer while the sun continues to shine.

And on the subject of the sun, as I promised you guys a couple of weeks or so ago when I wrote about it here, this is the finished music video for Kelly Waters 'Sunny' track produced by Mr. L's Music Video Masterclass 2012 students.



I'm really pleased with how the styling for this lighthearted tune turned out on screen - the candy coloured, feminine and fun props worked well. I think my favourite scene is the cupcake making in the kitchen although a close second because of the lighting and its simplicity, is Kelly taking tea in the living room. 

My dog wrangling got some airtime as of course did Kelly's fluffy pink co-star bagpuss. 

So what's your favourite scene ?

The track is available on itunes now, and you can check out the rest of Kelly's work here



Brazil vs. Rock

A few weeks ago, I spent a long Saturday in a recording studio with Den, a group of film makers, a brazilian dancer, a drummer and a brand new camcorder for a corporate client.  I then wrote a blog post about how the experience inspired me design wise.

In the blog post I promised to show you the finished film, so here it is.  It's in very cool slow motion, absolutely necessary to showcase what this camcorder can do, over it's counterparts.

Enjoy and have a great weekend, I hope it's lots of fun.

VS - 1080p Film shot on Sony NEX FS700 from HANGMAN | F-STOP on Vimeo.

[Update - special thanks to Tina for this, if you want to see behind the scenes on how the film was shot, you can read and see it here.]


Thoughts of Christmas

For those of you living in the UK, you'll remember how much snow fell in the run up to Christmas last year.  The crisp, white landscape was simply stunning here in the countryside and despite us getting away on holiday a few days later than planned due to all the disruption, it did give my husband and I some time to get out and enjoy a cold, bright and wintry afternoon together before rushing back into the warm, just as dusk fell.

I want to share our little film with you, that absolutely encapsulates the experience and the mood of the day.

The Christmas tree and interior decorations are my own.



For more information on digital film making skills training and mentoring, or if you are interested in some help with producing videos for your own website to promote your business just like this one, get in touch with us at F-Stop Academy, we'd be very happy to help.