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Drawing and inking domestic circuit plans

It's been a productive week on the coursework front. I'm keeping to my self-imposed rule of 'doing', but then it's been just 12 days since I set this goal so I'd be pretty lame if I had fallen off the wagon already.

Part of the KLC project I'm currently working on involves drawing plans and explaining the workings of all the services in my home.  Pipe and cable runs for the central heating, electricity, gas services and water, including explanations of how they come into the home and are distributed throughout the house.  This seemed fairly straight forward initially, but as an example, when you actually get into the nitty gritty of how a boiler and water cylinder and associated equipment is plumbed into a set of pipes that snake around a home to make a fully functioning system, it starts to get pretty confusing and mind numbing.  Once you've understood how it works, you've got to explain, draw and present it.  When you've got the ground floor nailed, there's a huge sigh of relief until you remember that there's the 1st floor plan to do aswell.

Now there's an element of guess work when drawing the plans up. As I was not around in 1927 when my home was built, I was having to get down on all fours, feeling the heat from the pipework under the floorboards to try and understand how they were laid.  The extension of the house is a much easier task, it is underfloor heating and only installed 3 years ago.  We project managed the building of the extension and the house renovation so I still have an understanding and vivid memories of this part of the project, the entire ground floor was laid just 2 weeks before Christmas (with 12 people to cook for, we must have been bloody mad).

So I'm planning on having the electricity circuit plans finished today.  I've done the mains circuit, I now need to complete the lighting circuit.

I've learned with experience now that these projects take longer than one initially estimates. I planned to have this interior construction booklet finished by 24th March, and a month later, I believe I've got another full (24/7) week of work to complete it.  I think it pays to take as much time as you need, as long as you are progressing even in small steps, as the presentation is as important as the facts.

And on the subject of 'doing', another of my goals was to design network more this year and I'm really looking forward to catching up with Annie and meeting Tina tomorrow, as well as a bunch of other likeminded ladies.

Have a lovely weekend folks. What are you up to ?