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Fruity and Fun - Jonathan Adler

I get very excited when a Jonathan Adler email drops into my inbox because I know without fail, there'll be a number of his pieces of homeware that will put a big smile on my face.

Known for his bright fruity colours and fun, quirky, off-the-wall designs, his stuff is just begging to be touched and enjoyed. Curved lines with either textured or lacquered surfaces and in a vast assortment of materials, you can just tell that he puts so much thought, love and effort into everything he designs. I imagine Mr. Adler holding forth in one of his design development meetings and being like an excited kid in a sweet shop, you know... "I want a bit of this, oh and a bit of that, and don't forget some of the other."  It's almost as if he cannot bear to miss out any idea or concept from his designs.

Here are my personal favourites from his newest collection. My No.1 being the cool fretwork table with the orange top, it's reversible too - you see, JA thinks of everything!

What's your favourite ?

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In Awe of Adler

Being a HUGE fan of Jonathan Adler who is renowned for his Colourful Happy Chic interiors, I hot footed it down to London to the launch of his first UK store to meet the man himself and gaze at his wonderful pottery, colourful furniture and accessories and unique interior decoration combos.

Jonathan is a fabulous potter, entrepreneur, interior decorator, retailer, TV star and most recently, author.

My absolute favourite of his ceramics are the various male vs. female faces on jugs, bowls, cups and vases from the Utopia range.  They are so playful, fun and unique.

So I got to meet the star of the show and I have to admit to being a little starstruck at first as he is one of my biggest design influences.  We spoke for a few minutes and grabbed a photo opportunity and I'm delighted to confirm that Jonathan is a charming, happy, stylish, quirky, straight forward and easy going guy - much like his interior design mantra.  Thanks to both India Hicks and Jonathan for hosting such a fab event.

I'd also like to give a special thank you to Amber, she's the nicest and most helpful store assistant you could wish to meet, a testament to Jonathan himself.

So, I highly recommend you get down to 60 Sloane Avenue and get yourself some Adler Awesomeness.

 Jonathan meets his first Essex girl!