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Adding glamour with aged mirrors

I've always been pretty obsessed with mirrors.  Not to look into so much I might add, but because of the positive effects they have on a room.  And the bigger the better I say, and they are much much easier to source than artwork for example.

Someone, somewhere in my psyche is successfully trying to place images and experiences of aged mirrors in my way so I'm now compelled to write about this very subject. 

It all started off with my birthday lunch at The Savoy Grill and experiencing the stunning antique mirrors that adorn the walls in the restaurant.  Now, there's lots for the eye to take in when you enter this place but for me, they managed to stand out way above the patterned carpets, the deep blue velvet banquet seating, the lacquered walls and the wood panelling. Fortunately for me, the staff sat us at one of the booths that employed the wall of mirrors as a glorious backdrop.

I wondered on the early hollywood stars, world royalty and infamous musicians that could have looked into these mirrored walls over the last century or so.  I hoped that they were indeed original panes as The Savoy was sympathetically restored to its former Art Deco, Edwardian glory and and re-opened in 2010, so you'd certainly expect that to be the case.  Whatever, it wasn't going to spoil my fantasy.

The Savoy Grill

Side Note: The Savoy Grill has received some negative reviews in the UK press (google it and you'll see), but for the record, our visit was absolutely perfect - staff, food, venue, hospitality was all 5*


Since this visit, I've come across many more images of old mirrors on line and in subscribed-to magazines.  I find them absolutely stunning, very elegant and glamorous.  I'd love to be able to incorporate them into a future project for someone.

I'd also like to install a wall of them in my dining room alcoves, there is little natural light coming into the room currently, just borrowed light from the kitchen, so not only would they add an extra layer and dimension, but they'd successfully make the room feel lighter and brighter.

My April 2012 issue of Elle Decor did not disappoint.  What's more, this featured home is a Notting Hill Townhouse and the antiqued mirror glass is by UK company Looking Glass of Bath.  A spendy but gorgeous alternative to wallpaper or conventional tiles, don't you think ?

Here are some other fine examples:


Image credit

Image credit


Image credit



A cause for celebration

Just a short post today as it's been a pretty busy weekend and I'm still playing catch up. I absolutely packed it to the brim of fun birthday stuff and to take you through each and every minute would bore you all, I'm sure, so I've chosen to pull together a little photographic collage of Friday's activities and then another for the weekend.

Forgive the big 'stand out' theme here though of in no-particular-order food, drink and shopping, I only just realised this when putting this lot together.  Say's it all really!

I'm a lucky lady indeed, I've been thoroughly spoilt by loved ones all weekend and I have to say that I'm really looking forward to making the most of the next 40.  Bring it on..

Thanks also to everyone here that wished me a happy birthday.

Oh... also, I'm sorry this post has absolutely nothing to do with interior design.  There'll be more about the design details of The Savoy and Lifehouse in a future post.


Entrance to The Savoy, Cocktails in The American Bar, The Savoy Grill Menu, Cake for the Birthday Girl, Marlene Dietrich's registration card, Colchester Oysters, Tonga Bean profiteroles, A spend up in Liberty for this, Picking a present from hubby in Abigail's store.

The weekend

Cupcakes from my boys, A facial at Lifehouse, the View from our Balcony at Lifehouse, the bezzies - Mel, Keely and Barb, 40th birthday flutes (no I'm not 120!), Cupcakes made by bezzie Clare, Birthday quote from this book, bezzies Nic, Kara and Kimberley.


I hope you all had fun filled weekends too, do tell me more.