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Ideas for Table Settings - Naturals

For my second of the two table setting projects, I've chosen a natural theme, featuring lively accent colours and heavily scented items by way of using fruit, flowers and herbs.

Even the table mats are organic - natural raffia weave, and combined with the glasses, ceramic crockery and the cutlery, I don't think there's a single man made material in sight!

All accessories are my own, some were left overs from Christmas, such as the fruit and the sweetheart roses.
The Raffia around the napkins I normally use for wrapping around gifts.
The glass tea light holders are simply souffle ramekins. You could also use egg cups, saucers and jam jars.
The herbs are from my garden.

What do you think ?


Ideas for Table Settings - Drama

We had my side of the family over for Boxing Day dinner and in the run up to Christmas I found myself pondering on how to dress the table for the ten of us. With both adults and children sitting on a collection of both dining and outisde patio chairs, it was all about function and practicality rather than design flair and we just about managed to squeeze on.

However, it did get my creative juices flowing and as a result, I thought I'd play around with some table setting designs that I could share with you.  I set myself the criteria of using whatever I had in the house already - cutlery, crockery, embellishments etc. (apart from the little cocktail glasses I had bought on ebay a couple of weeks ago - see post), instead of going out and buying new items, so it was a bit of resourcefullness and a shoestring mentality for this scheme - especially appropriate at this time of year, when we tend to spend all our money on the food, booze and the presents.

So, I came up with two completely different schemes:

- a dramatic but intimate, party themed table setting and
- a more natural, organic, fresh and fragrant one

So, instead of photographing my efforts, I got my hubby, D to film them for me. 

Today, I'm sharing with you the dramatic, party themed table setting.

It's a simple scheme, with neutral tones but has a lot of impact.  Everything on the table is low, below eye height as I don't like big arrangements in the middle of a table, obstructing everyone's view.

Using fairy lights guarantees real glamour and mixed with shiny reflective materials, such as the star foil tinsel, bounces the light around and gives the scheme extra wow factor.  Definitely a less is more approach with this scheme for the greatest impact.  I would have liked to use some fairy lights with traditional bulbs rather than the low voltage version as it would have given a softer, warmer and more romantic feel but I had to make do.

Wrapped around the napkins are gold costume bracelets and the little silver baubles are note/placeholders without the name cards.

The tablecloth is a dark grey single bed sheet that I bought this year by mistake so had never used.

Here's the finished film:



Thoughts of Christmas

For those of you living in the UK, you'll remember how much snow fell in the run up to Christmas last year.  The crisp, white landscape was simply stunning here in the countryside and despite us getting away on holiday a few days later than planned due to all the disruption, it did give my husband and I some time to get out and enjoy a cold, bright and wintry afternoon together before rushing back into the warm, just as dusk fell.

I want to share our little film with you, that absolutely encapsulates the experience and the mood of the day.

The Christmas tree and interior decorations are my own.



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